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 At Divine Saviour School we want the children to see Mathematics as being relevant to their world and applicable to everyday life as well as being something that they will need as they move on through their school life and ultimately to the world of employment. To that end, a high-quality, cross curricular and creative Maths experience should be one that develops the children’s ability to think mathematically and apply the tools to which they have been exposed in a variety of ways.

Following the introduction of the new National Curriculum in 2014 the emphasis has been to ensure that all children:

Become fluent

Reason and explain mathematically

Can solve problems in a variety of different ways

This means that children need to be regularly exposed to opportunities involving increasingly complex problem solving which allows them to apply their Maths knowledge. In doing so they should be encouraged to develop an argument and line of enquiry which they can prove and justify using mathematical vocabulary.

From Year 1 to Year 6, we use ESSENTIAL Maths, a planning scheme of lesson sequences produced by Herts For Learning.

The whole class works through the programme of study at the same pace with plenty of time on each topic before moving on.

The sequences are written as a spiral curriculum in which learning is built upon step by step, sequence by sequence and year on year. It is aspirational and ensures progression and coverage through the primary phase. Ideas are revisited at a more sophisticated depth as the curriculum continues through the years.

 Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) Approach

The pupils learn new concepts initially using concrete examples, such as counters, then progress to drawing pictorial representations before finally using more abstract symbols. Often, all three will be used within a lesson, depending on the pupils’ stage of learning.


Miss McKinstry's top online Maths resources:

 The official ESSENTIALmaths YouTube Channel 



 Early Number Sense and Counting Principles

White Rose Maths have produced a range of work booklets for parents and children to use. These booklets can be found on Amazon for the Kindle or downloaded below.  There are booklets for Y1 to Y6.