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Our Parishes

At Divine Saviour, we are proud to serve the parishes of St Saviour's Abbots Langley and Our Lady, Mother of the Saviour Chipperfield.

Fr. Richard Mway (SDS) is parish priest across both parishes, as well as being a foundation governor and regular visitor to our school.


Please see below about what it means to some of the young parishioners in our school to belong their parish communities:


St Saviour's Parish

'Abbots Langley Roman Catholic parish is part of the Watford Deanery of the Westminster Diocese. The Society of the Divine Saviour (The Salvatorians) founded the Church in 1928. The church as it is seen today was built much later and was consecrated in 1963.

The current parish priest is Fr. Richard. He is a kind and considerate parish priest. He knows us all by name and he always has a welcoming smile when he visits our school. Together, Fr. Richard and the parish of St Saviour's are a curial part of our school community. They often offer their hearts and prayers to help us in any way they can and love to hear updates about what we are up to from Fr. Richard.

St. Saviours is a caring, kind and social community who are supportive to one another. There are strong bonds between all who attend mass at this parish and it feels like a second family to us all. Many of us who attend Divine Saviour School also are active members of this parish who altar serve or read at mass. All are welcome at St. Saviours and new members are invited in with love and open arms.

When Fr. Richard opens the doors to the church he is also opening his heart to us. The parish of St. Saviours has played a big part in our school and personal life. For some of our class this parish has played a big part in our families lives. Some of our parents  have attended this church for a number of years and some of us have attended this parish since birth. We always feel comfortable and at ease when we attended Mass or parish events . 

 Our Lady Mother of the Saviour Parish

The Parish of Chipperfield is situated in the Watford Deanery, serving the local areas of Chipperfield, Kings Langley, Bovingdon and Sarratt; it is part of the Diocese of Westminster. The parish is served by the Society of the Divine Saviour (Salvatorians) and we share our parish priest with the neighbouring parish of Abbots Langley.

At Chipperfield Church everyone is welcome. The parish is very welcoming and kind. They know the members of their parish very well and always take time to talk to us and ask how our week has been.

The parish community is very close at Chipperfield Church. For many, they have attended this church for a number of years and strong relationships have formed because of this. For some of us, Chipperfield parish offers a second family to rely on. We have  attended this church since birth and known the members of the parish very well. It was at this parish that some of us were baptised, made our first confession and also made our First Holy Communion. We love the sense of community and feel so welcomed and loved by all.

 Written by the children in Year 6


For further details about the Parishes of St Saviours and Our Lady, Mother of the Saviour please click on the link below:

St Saviour's Abbots Langley  


Links with Tanzania

Divine Saviour Primary School has a long standing connection with the people of Tanzania. Our school was founded by, and has a continuing association with, the Salvatorian Order (The Society of the Divine Saviour) many of whom are missionaries. Fr Terry Cantwell lived and worked in an enormous parish in Tanzania for many, many years. Through his connections with Abbots Langley and Chipperfield we came to know of his work there and the needs of the people in his parish. We have a special connection with the local school in Chingulungulu. We continue to support the people of Tanzania when we can and remember them always in our prayers. 


 The money raised through donations at our Christmas celebrations, our Nativity and Carol Service, are sent every year through Father Richard to support the children in the school.

Monthly Family Mass

At Divine Saviour School we have a very active and enthusiastic school choir who, as part of their commitment to the choir, promise to sing at our Parish church once a month.

This children's mass at 11.30am on the last Sunday of each month is a favourite of our school and parish community.

Working in community

 The Parishes of St Saviours and Our Lady Mother of the Saviour walking together from the parish in Chipperfield to the parish in Abbots Langley to support CAFODs 'Walk against Hunger.' 

This year we will be walking again on Sunday 26th March to support the work of CAFOD  W are joining together to walk for our world and our brothers and sisters across the globe who are being badly affected by climate change.

Will you be walking with us?

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