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Reading Schemes at Divine Saviour

The main reading scheme used across the EYFS, KS1 and KS2 for home reading is a colour banded scheme that includes books from a variety of recommended schemes including ‘Oxford Reading Tree’. Within this scheme, the children progress through colour bands which increase in complexity of language, themes and structures as well as volume of text on each page. Children begin this scheme in Reception and will continue to follow recommended texts until the end of their Key Stage 2 career.

At Divine Saviour School we continue to guide the children’s reading choices even after they have completed the structured reading schemes. Once they have completed the banded scheme children move on to choose from a selection of quality reading texts recommended for their age range. These have been selected to give the children experience of good quality texts that continue to develop their vocabulary and comprehension skills in line with the new KS2 expectations.

In the EYFS and KS1, to support phonological development, children may also take home a phonics book which will reinforce taught phonemes and graphemes in a narrative setting. In this scheme we have titles from ‘Words and Pictures’. Each book has a clearly identified focus grapheme which makes it easy for teachers to match up individual pupils to their specific phonological need.

For guided reading in the EYFS and in KS1, our teachers use sets of books from Pearson’s ‘Bug Club’ scheme. This provides the teacher with everything they need to help children master fluency and deepen comprehension. As the children move into KS2, the guided reading texts become more challenging. They do not necessarily follow a scheme. Teachers prefer to read texts which are appropriate to an element of the curriculum being taught or from an author who is of particular interest to that group of children.