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At Divine Saviour, we aim to develop pupils’ natural curiosity to learn more about the natural world and nurture a sense of stewardship and responsibility for the world in which they live. It is our intent that the children become confident, critical thinkers developing their knowledge and understanding of Science through a broad range of practical enquiry and theoretical learning. We aim to introduce children to the impact and importance of Science in our everyday lives and provide them with a firm foundation of skills and knowledge to carry forward to their next stage of learning. Children will develop a keen interest in Science through a well-planned curriculum supported by workshops, trips, challenges and inspiring ‘Science Focus’ weeks.

The Aims of our Science Curriculum are to develop pupils who:

? Have a Broad knowledge and understanding of the curriculum acquired through both inspiring practical activities and knowledge-based learning.

? Have the necessary skills and knowledge to progress confidently on to the next stage of their learning.

? Are passionate and enthusiastic about this subject and foster an enjoyment for their learning.

? Are critical and analytical thinkers.

? Develop an understanding of the impact of Science on everyday life.

? Have experience of Science beyond the classroom through STEM days, visiting professionals and Science weeks.

? Celebrate Scientific achievements.

? Foster a sense of stewardship and responsibility, caring for the future of their planet.