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Mr S Wheatley: Executive Headteacher

Mrs H Wilson: Head of School

Mrs C Sullivan: Year 6 Class Teacher, KS2 Phase Leader

Mr B Young: Year 5 Class Teacher

Miss M Bergquist: Year 4 Class Teacher

Mrs S Burchell: Year 3 Class Teacher (Weds, Thurs, Fri)

Mrs S O'Hara: Year 3 Class Teacher (Mon, Tues)

Mrs F Broome: Year 2 Class Teacher

Miss S Scott: Year 1 Class Teacher (Mon, Tues, Weds,) Inclusion Co-ordinator (INCO)

Mrs S Conneely: Year 1 Class Teacher (Thurs, Fri)

Miss K McKinstry: Reception Class Teacher, EYFS Phase Leader

Mrs T Sheridan: Nursery Class Teacher

Mrs V Morris: PPA Cover

Teaching Assistants

Mrs D Smith: Class TA

Mrs L Seekings: Class TA

Mrs T Woodger: Class TA

Mrs S O'Leary: Class TA

Mrs T Leach: Class TA

Mrs A Allain: Reception Class Nursery Nurse

Mrs R Manley: Nursery TA

Mrs S Hyland: 1:1 Learning Support Assistant, Senior Midday Supervisor

Miss J Brigdale: Learning Support Assistant

Mrs E Gooden: Speech and Language Assistant

Office Staff

Mrs J Cramer: School Admin

Mrs D Peters: School Admin

Mrs C Festenstein: School Business Manager

School Support Staff

Mr D Sadowski: School Site Supervisor