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The Liturgical Year

October 2021

Praying the Rosary

Our school chaplains have prepared a short video to help us pray the Rosary.

Here are some useful links to support you in praying the Rosary:

How to pray the Rosary

Prayers of the Rosary

The Mysteries of the Rosary 

Lent 2021

Stations of the Cross

Our school chaplains have been making very short prayer videos for each of the Stations of the Cross:

First station 

Second station

Third station  

Fourth Station 

Fifth Station 

Sixth Station 

Seventh Station

Eighth Station

Ninth Station


 Ash Wednesday

Please click here to view our Ash Wednesday at home resources. This resource also includes our 'Lent Calendar of Kindness' resource. 


Pentecost 2020

Please click here to view our Pentecost resource.